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Why did you choose this certification ? What advantages does it have for Bouygues Construction University (BCU) and ByPro ?
Cécile MICHAUD (CM) / This certification confirms that the training proposed by BCU and ByPro complies with the National Frame of Reference for Quality established under the Act of 5th September 2018 for freedom of career choice.

First and foremost, it is a real asset for BCU and BYPRO! Not only does it guarantee the quality of our training process, but it also offers Bouygues Construction employees the promise of high standards and recognised professionalism when it comes to lifelong vocational training.
BCU, ByPro and the Gustave Eiffel Centre received the Qualiopi certification in 2021. What did this involve and how was it awarded ?
CM / Qualiopi certification is awarded by an independent certifying body to confirm and highlight the quality of the processes of implementing training actions, validation of prior experiential learning, and block release training. 
So the activities of BCU and BYPRO were placed under close scrutiny during a two-day audit.

On the basis of 32 indicators relating to 7 criteria, various compliance aspects were analysed, such as the means by which the public are informed of our offering, learning targets, inclusion of disabled employees, and so on.
The auditor asked staff for detailed proof of the way in which our processes are implemented, as well as various figures.

For all of these indicators, BCU and BYPRO ticked all the right boxes to see their training activity declared compliant with the frame of reference at the end of the audit! The Gustave Eiffel Centre was also certified in 2021 for all its training activities.
Once certified, what does the follow-up entail ?
CM / Qualiopi certification expires after 3 years. A first audit is carried out to obtain the certification. A follow-up audit takes place 18 months later. This demands continued quality management of our training courses. After the 3-year period, Bouygues Construction University and BYPRO will once again undergo a full audit in the aim of renewing the certification.

More informations about Bouygues Construction University here.
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Contact : Cécile Michaud & Julien Ricard
Direction de la Formation - Bouygues Construction University
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