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2019 was a come-back year for Bouygues Thai. What are you most proud of?
Patrice Bard (PB) / The women and men who make up our teams are what really make me proud. The past few years have been difficult. But despite that, they have always stuck together and their spirit has been exemplary. Today, our 1,600 employees are reaping the rewards of their hard work, expertise and commitment. Some of them have been with us for more than 25 years. They have evolved with the company and it has been a great joy to see! Their success has resulted in some extraordinary projects. One of these is Nirvana, a 46-storey luxury condominium, which our client is extremely satisfied with. And we have started work on OCC, a 284 meter-high office tower (the tallest in Thailand), for which the 11,000 m3 raft foundation was cast at the end of last year.
How do you view 2020?
PB / We have obviously been hit hard by the COVID crisis. The year is going to be very challenging on three major points:

1/ A commercial challenge. The economic impact of COVID has resulted in a highly competitive environment. We don’t want to expand our client portfolio excessively. However, we will provide long-term, extensive support to those clients who put their trust in us, offering innovative, made-to-measure services. For example, we have begun the construction of 51 luxury homes on behalf of Nirvana. In 2020, we have also begun work on the Whizdom 101 mixed-use complex with a new client (MQDC), with whom we wish to engage in the same sort of dynamic partnership.

2/ An operational challenge. It is essential that we regulate the growth of our business, which may be significant in 2021, with among other projects superstructure and facade work on the UOB tower. This will be complex, with multiple inclined planes.

3/ A human challenge. We need to recruit, train and support new employees. During their induction, there will be a strong focus on the importance of H&S: the Safety Leadership culture needs to become deep-rooted throughout our organisation, from site workers right up to senior managers. It is our moral duty, but also what really sets us apart from our competitors in our clients’ eyes.
How do you see Bouygues Thai’s development in the medium term?
PB / We are evolving in a highly competitive market where we are lucky enough to be well-known. That is a strength that we must build on. We will need to continue to satisfy our recurrent clients’ most demanding requirements while incorporating ever more technology, added value and digital solutions within our offers, in line with Bouygues Bâtiment International’s BEYOND vision. We are also looking closely at three promising sectors in the context of climate and behavioural change: urban solar power, which would enable electricity self-consumption in Bangkok, global offers, incorporating maintenance for example and energy renovation, crucial in a country where buildings are currently poorly insulated, but also where air quality is becoming a major issue as a result up health risks.
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