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Based on the principles and orientations of Bouygues Group, the Ethics & Compliance policy fostered by Bouygues Construction aims to endorse managerial ethics and the compliance of commercial practices in each country where the company operates. These rules can only strengthen the trust placed in the group by all concerned parties. For the strategy to be successful, it is therefore vital to share such rules. Spreading awareness among the group’s employees, providing training and getting them involved are the keys to that success!

Every day, across the world, Bouygues Construction’s employees are confronted with situations that require special attention and in which individual decisions can have serious consequences, both for themselves and for the group. It is therefore important that they become aware of ethical requirements and the necessity to comply with commercial practices, in order to properly assess the risks related to a given situation.

Jean-Marc Kiviatkowski Director of Legal Affairs

To this end, Bouygues Construction is launching ByCompliant and invites all employees to follow this new training course in ethics and compliance awareness.

Although a previous, mandatory training module - called FairDeal - ensured appropriate decisions could be taken in certain circumstances, ByCompliant covers additional topics (EDC-10) and more situations.

It comprises 2 modules, each of approximately 40 minutes, and ends with a 10-question quiz. The first module is intended for all employees of the group. The second module, which is mandatory for managers and/or any employee likely to have to make such decisions on a daily basis, will become available in April 2022.

The training course is available at Byle@arn in French or in english.

Need more details?
You’ll find all related documents and details of the topics covered in the Commitment & Control Procedure (EDC-10), and the “Code of Ethics and Compliance Programmes Implementation Guide” in the intranet section on Ethics & Compliance.

For any queries, please contact your compliance manager
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Contact : Cyrille LEBRUN
Ethics and Compliance lawyer
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