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Including self-evaluation, peer reviews, ongoing goal setting cycles and manager-coaches; many changes have been made in this new Annual Performance Discussion (APD). The aim is to for employees to take on an increasingly active role in managing their careers.

Simplify the process and feed discussion
The new APD simplifies the process, breaking it into three different areas: prepare, complete, sign.
In practical terms, the new format places more emphasis on the preparation stage before the meeting between both parties. The objective is to provide different points of view, in order to support listening and enable a meaningful, balanced discussion.
The new APD also sets out to increase the feedback culture; all employees will thus be expected to evaluate the quality of the managerial relationship. Moreover, and to supplement the review carried out by the manager, the latter may also request feedback from people that the employee has worked with over the course of the year, both internal and external to their organisation.
Finally, to ensure greater consistency with our business lines and organisations, employees and managers can revise the definition and assessment of set objectives over the course of the year.

A new format designed for all, by all
To achieve an APD format which suits everyone and is in line with everyone's expectations, HR teams met with employees and managers. Thus,
> a survey was conducted with 600 employees, to identify the expectations of as many people as possible
> 11 co-construction workshops were carried out, bringing together 123 employees from all the entities in France, Switzerland, UK and Morocco
> a new format was launched as a pilot with 3 entities in January 2020, i.e., 1300 employees.

To support these changes, presentations and training programmes will be conducted for employees and managers. Click here to find out more.

The Annual Performance Discussion season starts on Monday, 11 January 2021, and will run until the end of March. It will initially involve all technical/supervisory and executive employees in France. The rollout will continue at international level in 2021.

Want to go further ?
By clicking here, discover video by Sandrine Brissart, HR Director of Bouygues Construction and the HR Directors of the Group's entities (only in french version).
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Contact : Virginie PATRON
Responsable Mobilité Bouygues Construction
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