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A new organization for Bouygues Construction Materiel
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To support this pragmatic approach, our innovative solutions are based on the experience and expertise of our Bouygues Construction teams (R&D, Open innovation, Engineering departments, Strategic marketing, etc.), but also on a large, rich eco-system of partners.

In order to establish ourselves in the long term as the leader in sustainable construction, one of Bouygues Construction’s main challenges is to demonstrate the value of our expertise and innovation to our customers.

These innovations, whether they are local or cross-functional, are first of all anticipated by our foresight studies, then tested by R&D and the business lines (POC, experiments and demos), so that they can be deployed and integrated into our processes.  

For this, several documents are available to you on the Right.Now platform:
- The manifesto and presentation of BYCN’s innovation process
- An overview of our processes
- The portfolio of our projects and our relevant partners
- etc.

We can support you!

You can contact us if you have a specific need, such as tender submissions, grant applications, etc. The documents on the Right.Now platform will allow everyone to be more efficient and responsive.

For more information, any additional requests or support with projects, don’t hesitate to contact YOUR INNOLEADER or the Bouygues Construction Open innovation, Strategic marketing and R&D teams.

Demonstrate that we anticipate with foresight

Use our trend reports and foresight studies to discuss with your customers:

Third-party workplaces 
The campus of the future
Zero Net Artificialisation (ZNA)
Climate resilience 
Territorial resilience

Show that innovation comes to life in projects

Find examples of projects, cross-functionally or by business line:

> The BYES innovative solution portal
> The books BY TP (Tunnels and underground structuresEngineering structures)
> The WeWood solutions
> The book of our R&D projects
> Brochure for the Construction 4.0 Chair

Formalise the fruit of Bouygues Construction’s innovation

Present offerings and approaches produced by Strategic marketing:

> Office: OfficityOfficity Value
> Housing: Wizom ConnectedWizom For LifeWizom RéhabilitationWizom Smart Concept
> Sustainable cities and neighbourhoods: Tomorrow is built together, CityPlay

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Contact : Julien BOURCERIE
Head of open innovation and corporate venture at Bouygues Construction SA
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