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Preamble: the "Right.Now" process
Before discovering who our Innoleaders are, a few words on Bouygues Construction’s new innovation process, which now has a name: “(Innovation) Right.Now”.

At Bouygues Construction, we place innovation at the heart of our business model in order to meet the major challenges of our clients, society and territories. Integrating emerging tendencies and new usages and accelerating responses to environmental challenges, but also increasing operational efficiency are our main objectives.

Thus, innovation plays a dual role: accelerated by digital technology, it feeds our strategy by illuminating the way, and gives it concrete form by providing rapidly tested and deployed solutions.

This article is the 1st in a series dedicated to the Right.Now process and the new platform with the same name, which brings together all Bouygues Construction's innovation content. 


When Bouygues Bâtiment International’s innovation process was created, the term Innoleader appeared. Since then, this term has become more established and today is used in all parts of the group.

Who are the Innoleaders?
They are around 70 group employees whose mission is partly dedicated to innovation, whether in the business lines, in support or cross-functionally.

There is no typical profile, but they do have one thing in common: they contribute to resolving group and societal challenges by placing innovation at the heart of our daily lives.

What is the Innoleaders' role?

The role of this community is to implement the shared innovation mechanism through 5 main missions:

> Structuring the company’s centralised and local innovation processes

> Carrying out collective monitoring of innovation topics

> Driving innovation:

* Facilitating exchanges between key players in innovation
* Disseminating innovation to all employees (communications, events, training, etc.)
* Monitoring and maintaining up-to-date information on ongoing innovation projects

> Developing innovation with the implementation of processes adapted to the management and support of innovative projects within their scope

> Promoting innovation to encourage the adoption of innovative projects by the different group business lines.

Driven by a sense of teamwork, internal and external mobilisation and knowledge of field and customer expectations, each Innoleader adapts and interprets these five missions, integrated into the group's global approach, in his/her own way. 

For all employees, they are the primary entry point for all group innovation.

Find a list of Innoleaders, area by area, on the new Right.Now platform

The Innovation Network is an open community for all group employees. All Innoleaders, all those who are involved or simply interested in innovation are welcome.

This community meets once a quarter to review progress on the various topics and innovation initiatives that are underway.

Its goal is to encourage sharing, transversality and collaboration between all those involved in innovation in the group.

How do I join the community and find out about innovation?
To join the community, you just need to join “Right.Now” in Teams, in order to stay up-to-date on innovation projects and participate in the different group events. 

Events in different forms

The objective of innovation at Bouygues Construction is also to allow each person to discover the processes and projects, and gain inspiration and training in innovation.

A large number of internal and external events are on offer during the year, in different formats, open to all, on current or future issues.

Our regular internal events:

> The Innovation Network: a quarterly event with two hours of shared innovation. Because innovation is of course international, each Innovation Network session is dubbed into English for non-French speakers.

> InnoTalks: organised by and for everyone, these short events (usually 30 minutes) aim to share current trends, inspiration, a new partnership, an innovation method, or the progress of an innovation project. 

But there are also many more external events that anyone can sign up for (fairs, conferences and more).

Find all the events on offer in the context of the Innovation Network directly on the Right.Now platform

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Contact : Julien BOURCERIE
Head of open innovation and corporate venture at Bouygues Construction SA
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