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The Health & Safety strategy of Bouygues Travaux Publics

Safety is everybody’s business. Reaching our objectives must be the result of a collective effort, a shared mindset and culture. Focus on the Health & Safety strategy of Bouygues Travaux Publics.

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Our review
Major risks
They said it!
Bertrand Burtschell
Bouygues Travaux Publics' Executive VP Parisian Region and Major Projects France
It is simply unacceptable that our business should still be the backdrop to fatal accidents. With hindsight, the causes of accidents are well known and analysed every time. Failures, if there are any, are identified and subject to corrective action. So, in order to make a breakthrough, we have to look again at our habits and everything we are certain about.

For years now, Bouygues TP has been managing the Health & Safety policy using a statistical model that is well known in the industry: the Bird pyramid. What does this pyramid tell us? That we must reduce the frequency of accidents, however severe they are and even though they are minor in most cases, in order to avoid serious accidents. And yet, we note that severe or even fatal accidents occur on sites where the frequency rate was, nevertheless, low. Although most accidents are fortunately, not severe, some have in them the seeds of more dramatic consequences. These are known as HiPo (high-potential) serious situations. The prevention of major risks consists of analysing and preventing all of these seeds – all of these human, technical or organisational factors that might generate serious accidents, or be likely to do so. This is a fundamental turning point in our Health & Safety policy.

The first three major risks have already been identified at Bouygues Construction level: lifting operations, co-activity and working at height. These three high-risk situations will be subject to special accident prevention measures that will mark a new step forward in the strengthening of our system.
Safety culture
They said it!
Vincent Avrillon
Bouygues Travaux Publics' Executive VP Europe – Africa – America
The challenge now lies in our ability to bring about a change in our culture and our mindset. Safety is not something just for specialists, it’s everybody’s business. Safety is not just the priority of Accident Prevention Officers, it’s the priority of every single member of the staff of Bouygues Travaux Publics. To reach “zero accidents”, it is essential that we all speak the same language and share the same values.

The General Management Committee wanted Safety Day to be an opportunity for our staff to have their say in order to map our “safety culture”. It was a big challenge: more than 10,000 Bouygues Travaux Publics staff, as well as our partners and subcontractors, answered a specially drawn up questionnaire that will enable us to identify how we can leverage change or what is hindering it. For this demanding and ambitious initiative, we called upon the services of recognised experts in the industrial sector in order to benefit from their wide-ranging experience. The ultimate objective of this initiative is to go from a managerial safety culture, decided on “up there”, to a shared safety culture. So, as you will have guessed, the objective is to encourage everybody to take safety matters on board, from the management to those who work on the sites, which is conveyed in our slogan “How committed are we?“. The key to our success is commitment, empowerment and mobilising all the players in the company.

During Safety Day and on all the mobilised construction sites, all participants simultaneously answered a questionnaire of 119 questions.
What about in 2020?

2019 has been heavily devoted to the structuring of the Health & Safety professional network (a.k.a. P2S). This was necessary for the professionalisation of the speciality and to ensure the durability of our actions over time. There are now 216 members of staff – clearly identified within the Civil Works Division – who back the operational staff with regards to the challenges of Health & Safety. Next year, we will be working on strengthening the professional network by drawing up a skills database and a special training plan. Another area in need of significant improvement is that of reporting. Following an exhaustive audit, we have drawn up a single set of rules for the consolidation of our data. Throughout the world, our “calculator” is now configured in the same way. Lastly, from a more operational point of view, by the end of the year we will have strengthened our measures combating drug and alcohol addiction.

Wearing of protection equipment, sitemachinery/pedestrian co-activity, ergonomics: 12 standards applied on all Bouygues Construction sites to ensure safety for all. Main improvement in 2019: wearing the chin strap has become mandatory.
They said it!
Jean-Yves Delcroix
Health & Safety Director of the Civil Works Division
In 2020, two important events await us. The first one is the “re-certification” audit of the BYTP management system according to the ISO 45 001 frame of reference, the international Health & Safety in the workplace norm. The second high point, during the first half of the year, will be compiling the results of the immersive safety inspections and of the survey carried out during Safety Day. The General Management Committee will use this diagnosis in order to draw up an appropriate road map.
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