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The person behind this idea is Doctor Ghada Hatem-Gantzer, head of the gynecology-obstetrics department at Delafontaine hospital in Saint-Denis. The maison, located next to the hospital, brings together hospital and family planning services and aims to provide a more comfortable setting and more personalised care.
In order to carry out this project, Doctor Hatem managed to assemble a network of public and private partners to finance the maison. It is in this context that Bouygues Construction wished to get involved through its foundation, Terre Plurielle, alongside the corporate foundations of Kering, Elle, and Sanofi.
This project is sponsored* internally by Lynda Varlot, Product Manager at Linkcity Ile-de-France, and Catherine Boban, Human Resources Director at Rénovation Privée, and Terre Plurielle did not stop at providing only financial support. “I quickly understood that we had to do more than just provide funding. The project seemed to get stuck in endless construction processes. I thought it vital for us as builders to give advice on the construction of this maison,” stated Catherine Boban. As a result of this observation, she initiated a skill-based sponsorship and called on Vincent Gayte, sales manager at Ouvrages Publics identified as a reference for hospital projects.
Vincent then participated in the different steering committees and technical meetings, helped formulate calls for tender, audited pre-selected companies, and provided technical and legal advice on the applications. “Using my expertise for a social project made me feel very proud: it involved looking at my own profession from a different angle, which taught me a lot,” said Vincent Gayte enthusiastically. Catherine Boban concluded: “Yes, we are builders, but we also feel the need to give meaning to our projects.”
The Maison des femmes opened in mid-July and already welcomes more than 50 female patients each day.
Find more information about the Maison des Femmes here (in French) and about Terre Plurielle here.
*Any support by the Terre Plurielle Foundation is provided under the condition that one or more employees of the Group be involved.

Our report from inside the Maison des Femmes

and the interview with Doctor Ghada Hatem-Grantzer are now available for viewing.


We extend an open invitation to all to the evening event in support of the Maison on 26 September, “Ensemble pour la maison des femmes” (Together for the women’s home).
Maison des femmes
Entrance hall of the Maison des femmes
Room reserved for talking sessions
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